Steven Sugden

Steven Sugden - BSc MSc

Research Fellow in Sustainable Excreta Management

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London School of Hygiene & Tropical
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London WC1E 7H


Steven worked as an Environmental Health Officer in the UK before embarking on the more glamorous career path of sustainable water supply and excreta disposal.

This has given him considerable experience of working and managing programmes in Pakistan, Sudan, Nigeria and Malawi. During this time he has gained practical experience of organisation and strategic development, advocacy, decentralisation, monitoring and evaluation and poverty reduction.

Teaching & Research

Teaching in Design of Disease Control Programmes in Developing Countries and Tropical Environmental Health Study Unit.

Current research relates to sanitation marketing in high density unplanned areas in Developing Countries where the lack of household compound space, high costs, and the poor design of existing latrines, together with the lack of safe affordable pit emptying services, make excreta disposal a real problem to the health and dignity of the residents


  • Policy Analysis
  • Operational Research

Research areas:

  • Public health
  • Sanitation
  • Diarrhoeal Diseases

Other keywords:

  • on-site excreta disposal
  • organisation development
  • social marketing


Jenkins and Sugden, (2006) Rethinking sanitation. Lessons and innovation for sustainabilty and success in the New Millennium. UNDP – sanitation thematic paper

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Stoupy O, Sugden. S. (2003) Halving the number of people without access to safe water by 2015 – A Malawian Perspective. Part one and part two, WaterAid, January 2003

Sugden. S (2002) Indicators for the water sector: examples from Malawi. Presented at World Water Forum, KyotoMarch 2003.

Sugden. S (2002) Databases for the water sector: research from Nepal and Tanzania WaterAid. Written for World Water Forum, Kyoto March 2003.

Sugden. S (PI in Malawi) (2002) Poverty Reduction and Water Access in Sub-Saharan Africa. Research report for Malawicase study. Part of joint WaterAid/ODI research into PRSP. WaterAid, April 2002.

Sugden. S (2001) Assessing Sustainability – The Sustainability Snapshot. Presented at WEDC conference in Zambia, Published in conference papers. April 2001

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