Rachel Peletz BSc MEng

Research Degree Student

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I completed my undergraduate degree in Environmental Engineering Science at University of California, Berkeley and my MEng in Environmental Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

At Berkeley, my research included laboratory and field testing of the UV Tube, an ultraviolet light point-of-use disinfection system for low-resource settings. At MIT, I conducted a cross-sectional study on ceramic household filters in Ghana and joined an ecological sanitation design project in Gujarat, India.

For two years I worked for the Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST) in Canada as an International Technical Advisor for Asia, where I conducted technical training and consulting on water and sanitation projects in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia.


I am currently researching drinking water quality in HIV-endemic settings in Zambia. Particularly, I will be examining water quality that infants born to HIV-positive mothers receive, either through drinking water or replacement/complementary feeds.

The objective of the research is to explore whether this population may benefit from a household water treatment technology intervention.

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