Myriam Sidibe

Myriam Sidibe - BSc MSc


London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
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I obtained a BSc in Agricultural engineering in McGill University in Canada. From there I went to work in a community based water supply project in rural area of Mali. I realised during this experience that I needed to gain more knowledge in the sector and returned to do a MSc in Water and Waste engineering at WEDC (Water, engineering and Development centre) at Loughborough University.

I then went on to work in Burundi for two years in the rural areas of Burundi as a Water and Sanitation programme manager and Field Coordinator for the International Rescue Committee. I then came across the DrPH programme and thought this would give the ideal combinations of skills to make a difference in my field in the developing world.

My professional attachment will most likely be with Unicef and my research thesis on School Sanitation and hygiene. Over the past years, I have done consultancy work with the Water and Sanitation programme (World Bank) and Unicef mainly in East Africa. My supervisor at the LSHTM is Dr Val Curtis.

Teaching & Research

Anthropology, Epidemiology, Operational research, Child health, Hygiene, Sanitation, Diarrhoeal diseases, Water.

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