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After becoming an engineer in medical electronics I joined the medical non-governmental organisation Médecins Sans Frontières in 1989. Working in countries such as Rwanda, Turkey, Iraq, Burundi, Congo, Angola the Philippines, Liberia, ex-Yugoslavia etc.

During my work abroad I developed an interest in environmental health engineering. After two years of being responsible for MSF's world wide field telecommunications network I studied at Loughborough University and obtained an MSc in 'Water and Waste Engineering' at WEDC in 1997, researching the public threat of 'Land filling of Healthcare Waste'.

After my studies I worked for MSF-B, drilling boreholes and commissioning water treatment plants in Southern Sudan and provided water and waste facilities for refugees in Albania and Kosovo. For ICRC I was involved in rehabilitating boreholes in Somalia and the development of cholera activities in major towns like the capital Mogadishu.

In 2001,before joining the Environmental Health Group Prof. Cairncross and I did consultancies for MSF-E, MSF-B, SC-UK, Oxfam-UK, UNDP, Habitat, UNEP, IFRC and ICRC.

Teaching & Research

My research looks at designing a sector specific survey methodology for the environmental health sector (Hygiene, Sanitation and Water). In particular we are looking at measuring adherence to ‘improved’ hygiene practices’, and measuring access to 'improved' water sources and 'improved' sanitation facilities. This work is supported by the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) in collaboration with UNICEF, EHP, WHO, IRC and many other organisations.

Disciplines: Statistics, Geographical mapping.

Research areas: Hygiene, Sanitation, Statistical methods, Surveillance, Water.

Other keywords: Environmental health indicators.


Optimization of household survey sampling without sample frames
Bostoen K. and Chalabi Z International Journal of Epidemiology 2006;35:751–755


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