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Getting people to modify their existing patterns of behaviour underlies nearly all public health intervention strategies, and certainly is central to all of the programmes promoted by the Hygiene Centre. For this reason, we invest heavily in developing the most effective behaviour change techniques applicable to the public health sector.


Disgust is a powerful driver of hygiene behaviour as well as of our manners and our morality. Staff at the Hygiene Centre have developed a new theiry of disgust and employed it in public health campains. Val Curtis has also written a book about it.


Hygiene is a core domain of work at the Hygiene Centre. We have a long-standing interest in promoting hand washing with soap, but more generally seek to devise strategies for getting people to prevent their own exposure to disease through good hygienic practices.


Providing access to sanitation in developing countries has been problematic for a very long time. We believe that creating market demand and supply of sanitation facilities is the way forward in this vital domain.


Children are particularly susceptible to learning new things, including healthy behaviours for personal hygiene and sanitation. The Hygiene Centre specialises in the latest thinking about how to motivate children at this crucial stage of life.


Household-level water treatment is the most effective means of improving the quality of water going into, or onto, people's bodies. At the Hygiene Centre, we have a particular view on how best to promote household adoption of technologies for home water quality improvement.

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