The Hand washing Handbook:

A guide for developing hygiene promotion programmes to increase hand washing with soap. The World Bank, Washington USA, 2005.

This new guide brings together expertise and practical programming advice for hygiene promoters. It covers all stages of programme development and is a useful repository of research tools and case studies. Val Curtis and Beth Scott were chief contributors to the Handbook which was sponsored by The World Bank, BNWP and WSP, USAID, UNICEF, AED, CDC, the WSSCC, Colgate-Palmolive Co., P&G Health Sciences Institute, and Unilever.

Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion

A new programming guide. WSSCC and WHO, 2005.

This useful guide gives programme planners the knowledge they need to help people effect and sustain a hygienic and healthy environment for themselves. Sandy Cairncross and Val Curtis were part of the Lead Team who developed this publication. The guide was produced jointly by WSSCC, WHO, LSHTM, PAHO, UNICEF, USAID, WEDC and WSP.

Happy, Healthy and Hygienic

How to set up a Hygiene Promotion Programme (books 1-4) Unicef, The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, & Ministere de la Sante du Burkina Faso 1999.

This manual describes a methodology for bottom-up programming for hygiene promotion through formative research combined with expert knowledge and appropriate communication strategies. The aim is to develop effective and sustainable programming models.

Val Curtis
has been key to developing this system of hygiene promotion and ensuring its uptake by agencies as well as in the field.

Guidance Manual on Water Supply and Sanitation Programmes

Staff in the Hygiene Centre provided expert advice for this comprehensive manual on setting up water supply, sanitation and hygiene programmes. It is currently in use by development practitioners world-wide.

Towards better programming:

A manual on hygiene promotion Unicef 1998

Val Curtis and Sandy Cairncross were involved in the production of this manual on how to conduct formative research for hygiene promotion including information on social marketing and behaviour change.

Health, Environment and the Burden of disease:

A guidance Note

Sandy Cairncross was instrumental in developing this Guidance Note which considers the three problems which account for nearly three quarters of the environmental burden of disease.
Disponible en français

Environmental Health and the Poor:

Our Shared Responsibility

DFID Sandy Cairncross contributed to this Manual which is designed to show the importance of environmental health in eliminating poverty and address some of the practical issues.

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